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"It all began when my mom, a mother of three, put all the love and heart from her kitchen into creating a delicious homemade snack for our family and friends.  Because of its delectable vanilla yogurt coating and sweet and salty crunch, we named it Snow Crunch®!"

For founder Mick Fink, family always came first. The son of extremely loving parents, he grew up the oldest of 3 boys in a very close-knit family.

 “Growing up in Buffalo, when my friends would come over during high school and college, my mom would make and serve this,” Mick said. “Everyone loved it, so I have been thinking about this as a potential commercial product for years”.

Mick is no stranger to creative development, and he has been pursuing his passion for toys, video games, snacks, and entertainment for the past 20 years. He started his career at Fisher-Price, Inc. working closely with the creative development team, where he combined his imagination and talent to develop some of the toys and packaging you see on the shelves today. He played key roles in developing all in-house graphic designs and brands in properties such as “The Dooley and Pals Show” and “Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star.” Mick later went on to work as a designer for a world-renowned children’s non-profit organization and later for the Hilton Grand Vacations corporate brand. His love for entertainment and family has allowed him to incorporate the wonderful world of color
and imagination into the amazing visual creations he brings to life.

Mick took the small business model very seriously, naming his company “It’s My Mom’s.” Because it is. The recipe, that is. His mother was his inspiration.  According to Mick,

“I called the company “It’s My Mom’s” as an homage to my mother, and have dedicated

this to her love of our family, the kitchen and baking.  She surrounded us with love, in

the form of home-cooked meals and open communication every night. She baked for all

my friends and prepared dinners for everyone, so it seemed like a natural fit for a

company name”.

Now, my family is proud to share Snow Crunch with your family. It’s my mom’s recipe, but it will become your family’s favorite!


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